About ME

Hi, nice to meet you!

The ME in Cook ME free stands for my name: Marjolein Eikenboom. I am Dutch and my name is quite Dutch as well. Marjolein is a flower or a herb, much like oregano. Eikenboom means Oaktree. But I think I will mostly refer to myself as ME. That is probably a lot easier for all non Dutch speakers!

Explore and enjoy my recipes!

Having multiple health and food related issues myself… I know what it’s like to have to skip ingredients.

I am battling Lyme disease, thyroid issues and asthma. I skipped a lot of food during the elimination phase of AIP. Luckily I was able to re-introduce a lot again. Now I even allow myself some oats and pulses every once in a while. Therefore, besides paleo and AIP, I have a section on the website that is ‘just’ gluten and dairyfree.

Everyone’s journey is unique and personal. But we all want our food to taste good! And we all want to live a happy life!

All my recipes are gluten and dairyfree, with pure ingredients and without refined sugar.

You can trim your options for a paleo diet (from FREE of grains, legumes, soy, nightshade) or AIP (FREE from nuts, seeds and eggs).

You can even make more personal choices FREE FROM.

Cook free Eat pure live happy